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Meet EfM graduates and current EfM members, and find out what EfM is all about. More about upcoming Information events will be added as soon as details are finalised. If you are interested in starting or joining an EfM group in your district, please contact Michael

Contact for information:

Michael Butler

EfM Taster Evening

Deferred till January 2023

Wadestown Presbyterian Curch, 116 Wadestown Rd, Wadestown, Wellington

Are you considering enrolling or just curious about EfM?

EfM (Education for Ministry) is a program of study devised primarily for lay people (though ordained folks benefit from participating too!). It provides four-years of study material at a tertiary level and in a learning environment where the reading and reflection undertaken by the individual members of the group is then reflected on together at weekly group meetings and applied to everyday life and ministry.

EfM is a way to continually deepen the journey with God in the company of a group which provides challenge and support and co-learning opportunities. It has both academic rigour and a holistic, grounded way of applying that rigour to the realities of 21st century life, living into what into means to be disciples of Christ in our particular time and context.

Come along and meet mentors, graduates and current students.

There is no cost! Come, taste, and see!

For more information contact Jean Malcom

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