Eduction for the Ministry

 Mentors & Trainers

EfM trainers train, accredit and equip EfM mentors. Trainers have been or are mentors themselves, and meet together for a week's training each year to ensure that their knowledge of the programme and their training skills are current. In addition, a trainer from New Zealand attends a training of trainers' event in Sewanee, Tennessee, about once every three years.

Trainers are responsible for running mentor training events, at which mentors are trained and accredited so that they may run EfM groups. Trainers also have oversight of current EfM groups.

For forthcoming mentor training events, see the Upcoming Events page.

 Current New Zealand Trainers

Raewyn Berkahn
Julie Guest
Jean Malcolm

EfM mentors are trained/accredited at a basic mentor training event and a subsequent training about six months later, then attend further in-service training each year.

EfM mentors facilitate groups in various locations around the country.

Contact the Administrator for information about mentors and groups in your area.