Eduction for the Ministry

 The History of the Church in Aotearoa

“Anyone considering the next E.F.M. course would not be disappointed.
I found the reading to be thought provoking and insightful leading to lively discussion and debate within our small group.
Jo did a fantastic job obviously enjoying the mixture of opinions and ideas.”

- Jane

“These sessions were totally different to what I expected!
Reading resources were very interesting – everyone should learn about the early settlers and Christianity being introduced to NZ, I certainly will re-read these books.
Jo ran the sessions extremely well incorporating, what was for me, a completely new style of gathering information and discussing topics – that covered a massive range!!
Meeting new people from different walks of life and at different stages on our journey in Christ was a privilege and to be involved in these sessions to discuss matters of importance to us.
Many thanks to Jo and thanks to the rest of the “team”, great to meet new people and learn new things – give it a go, what can you lose? More importantly, what could you gain?”

- Sarah

"I didn't manage to get there often, but when I did enjoyed the lively discussions and the fellowship. I also learnt some amazing stuff about our history I didn't know before. To be recommended for a stimulating and inspiring evening."
- Shelley

An article about EfM from Anglican Taonga. This is several years old but still relevent.

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